Marisa Marques

Medial thigh lift

(Usually two days of hospitalization)

Skin laxity in the medial thigh is frequently the earliest sign of aging in the thighs and is one of the first signs of significant ptosis in the body. The skin bof the medial thigh is quite thin and inelastic, resulting in early relaxation with age and poor retraction after liposuction, even in patients only 35 years of age. Laxity of the medial thighs may occur at even earlier ages when there is a history of obesity or a family history of early skin relaxation.
Postoperative care
Return to desk work may only take 2 weeks, whereas return to heavy physical activity may take several weeks.
Wound dehiscence, minor degrees of necrosis, poor scaring, suture reactions, infection, seromas, hematomas, dog-ears, areas of anesthesia or paresthesia.
Patients with heavier thighs and minimal space between the thighs and patients undergoing multiple body contouring procedures are at especially high risk.

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